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Impresion Offset / Ficha de producto


Agfa Meridian P55

Meridian P55

Plate type Electrochemically grained and anodised aluminium

Colour of coating bluish green

Resolution Ugra test wedge microlines : 6μ

Recommended exposure 300-400 mJ per cm2

(5KW, distance : 1.2m) Clear step 3 on Fogra wedge

Screen range 3% - 98% at 150 lpi

Water consumption Low

Run length Up to 100,000 *

Run length after baking Up to 250,000 *

Run length for UV inks Up to 100,000

*after baking

Plate gauge 0.15 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.40 mm

Plate size Maximum width 1500 mm

Grain direction According to the demands of web or sheet-fed specifications

Shelf life 18 months

Storage temperature 5 - 30° C,

humidity 30-70%

System developer Prima DP200

Developer dwell time 20 to 30 s

Developer temperature 21 to 24°C

Replenisher Prima DP200 R

Replenishment rate 30-50 ml/m2

Developer concentrate Prima DP400 (1:9 dilution with water)

replenisher DP400 (1:7 with water)

developer dwell time 15 - 20 s

developer temperature 22 to 24 °C

Ideal gum RC795 for machine and hand gumming and RC510 for baking.